Krav Maga- An Approach To Self Defence

Krav maga is a self defence art which originated in Israel. It is a close contact combat system which was used by Israeli army to protect them during the war. The army comprises of men and women both who receive this training of Krav Maga.  This combat art teaches you how to deal with under pressure situation if anybody attacks you. The training also teaches you survival skills. This training is all about fast response that we make on the action of the enemy. In simple words, it is the fastest self defence training that you can learn. There are many coaching centres which can provide krav maga classes to men as well as women. Mostly female soldiers undergo these kinds of training sessions.

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Focus training: Krav maga is all about focus training. Focus on your enemy moves is the best thing that you can do to ensure your safety. These classes can train you as well as provide you with real life like situation. They provide you with training exercises, drills, games and real world situation. This self defence art is completely different from martial art.

Age limit: This self defence art is designed to protect yourself in the situation of life or death. Krav Maga is not a sport which can include children to practice it. Most of the adults do face these situations in their bad times, so this defensive art is entirely for adults. The minimum age requirement to enrol yourself in this program is 18 years. Any one below that age limit is considered as incompetent to learn this art.

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