Body Reboot – Workout Routines that will dominate 2017

If your health goals for 2017 include taking your health to the next level, you would enjoy reading this post. We have compiled a list of 10 work out routines that will dominate 2017.

#1 WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY TO MONITOR YOUR daily activities, steps taken, fat burnt, heart rate and overall progress.
#2 WEIGHT TRAINING for adding some muscles to your body
#4 CERTIFIED & EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL TRAINERS to guide you to a healthy, toned body.
#5 STRENGTH TRAINING is all about building that stamina to run marathon miles or sit at your work desk for long hours without compromising your health.
#6 GROUP TRAINING to keep you motivated
#7 PILATES for that flat abdomen
#8 YOGA a must do activity to keep the mind fresh
#8 DETOX to flush out all the toxins from your body
#9 SWIMMING a refreshingly wonderful workout routine
#10 CYCLING for those who prefer something outdoor

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